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Via Marche 1, 20080 Carpiano
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Products and services for Semi and Pharma industries


The Company

Mercury has been established in 2000.However the relationship and services with our principals started in 1990. In particular with EKC Technology Du Pont we have been working since 1991. Mercury company support our customers with selected companies and we offer  significant advantages during the manufacturing process. We support several important customers in Italy and  in France for the semiconductor,pharma and related industries. If you are an end user or an Oem company pls contact us and we will be happy to support you with your specific needs. 

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Products and Services

  • Equipment: Bonding, Debondig, coaters, mask aligners, wafer sorter 
  • Materials: PR Stripping, Polymer removals, Post CMP Cleaning 
  • Tools and upgrades: Camera wafers, levelling tools, particles counters, fluid handling including pumps, flowmeters, heating

More info

Are you looking for, heaters, specialty chemicals, levitation technology, levitronix pumps, flowmeters, wafer sorter,diffusion furnaces, coater, bonding, partcles counters, particle counters? This is the right place for you

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