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Products and services for Semi and Pharma industries


Single and Multi use Pumps

Single-Use Pump Systems


A Levitronix® disposable single-use pump head consists of only two pieces, the rotating impeller and the pump housing. During operation, the impeller levitates in the center of the pump housing, rotates, and at no time comes incontact with the static pump housing. The pump head is completely enclosed and there are no bearings to wear out or seals to breakdown.

In single-use bioprocessing, time is an essential factor, therefore, Levitronix® pump heads are very easy to use and both fast and safe to exchange. With no tools required, a pump exchange takes only a few seconds.

Multi-Use Pump Systems


A Levitronix® multi-use pump head consists of the rotating impeller, a static seal and the pump housing.

The absence of any mechanical contact between rotating and stationary parts leads to a virtually wear-free product. This unique feature ensures a very long lifetime with virtually no risk of leaking.

All liquid contacting materials meet the highest biocompatibility requirements such as FDA, USP-VI, and BSE/TSE free.

In order to ensure sterility after every cycle, the pump head can be either cleaned in place (CIP), steamed in place (SIP) or autoclaved. The pump head is composed of fluorocarbon resins or stainless steel 316L that are resistant to both heat and chemical compounds.

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